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Shadow and Light
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October 2006
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janahanabanana [userpic]

Tamaki shivered agreeably at Kyouya's touch and groaned frustratedly as he groped for the door handle before his hand closed over it and he twisted it open. Walking backwards at Kyouya's urging, not once breaking the kiss, he heard the door shut behind the raven-haired boy. Trusting his best friend, he let Kyouya lead him to his bed, gasping at the boy's lips upon his neck.

As he lay back on the bed, Kyouya straddling him, he smiled. "Not exactly in the position I had seen myself in," he whispered, his voice throaty as those lips continued to press so blissfully against his skin. He had wanted to do all the things Kyouya was doing to him for his best friend, but now as he lay there, he truely didn't care. He ran his hands down Kyouya's thighs and back up, hands gripping the belt and working the buckle until the belt was undone.