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Shadow and Light
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October 2006
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Caro-Caro-Seme-Sama <3 [userpic]

A mixture of relief and pleasure washed over him as Tamaki spoke into is ear, soothing his doubts with blatant acceptance. A shiver passed through him at the feel of lips on his ear, and soon enough, on his mouth, silencing any words that threatened to form.

Kyouya felt his whole body heat at the blond's kiss, groaning softly and arching against the body beneath his. He kissed the other teen back with renewed vigor, coaxing his tongue into an enticing glide over his own. One of his hands moved and threaded itself into soft, blond hair. The other traced and memorized his body, settling his palm against Tamaki's groin and pressing gently, questioningly.

Pulling his lips away, he buried his face into his friends neck. His breath felt shallow, as if he needed to gasp for air. "I want to touch you," he muttered quietly against his shoulder.