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Shadow and Light
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October 2006
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Caro-Caro-Seme-Sama <3 [userpic]

A knot in his throat had formed causing him to swallow thickly. Tamaki's words had been offered so freely that Kyouya couldn't remember a time where he felt more wanted or loved.

He felt he should say something, anything in return for such generosity... Instead, he kissed Tamaki again to stifle his own groan of incoherency, his hand moving fluidly from outside the blond's boxers to inside them. Kyouya's lips moved down the skin of his neck in a distracting manner as he briefly caressed a jutting hipbone before venturing lower and brushing his fingertips down the other teen's cock.

Kyouya knew someone as selfish as himself didn't deserve someone as genuine as Tamaki. Granted, he deserved many things, but the blond's complete love and trust wasn't one of them.

Deciding to drown the negative thoughts, he continued to stroke Tamaki's erection before rocking his own hips forward to meet the other's, the friction pulling a moan from him.